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Zune Music

Free Music From GarageBand and Zune


The preloaded content of your Zune was not enough? Get more free music from Garageband and Zune.

Garageband is good place for finding stats about artists you don’t know to well yet. collects and provides popularity charts of independent music. They even have the lyrics of the songs. There database has over 125,000 bands at this time. You can download all sort of music from independent artist.

Zune as partnered with Garageband to offer you a selection of tracks from their database. Go ahead download them to your Zune!

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Free Music From ArtistDirect and Zune


We found a few interesting things related to music today on Zune is now offering you free tracks from ArtistDirect's database. Couples of them are from well known artists like Moby, Aimee Mann and the Barenaked Ladies. The tracks do not seem to be available when you navigate through ArtistDirect’s website. You need to go at to find the url. But once you have the link, you can download the MP3s and play them on the player of your choice.

Enjoy the music!

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SectionZ Becomes Zune Friendly


“SectionZ has partnered with Zune to help spread the music of the Electronic Music Underground. If you have a Zune player use the Download Zune button to download free music. The folks behind the Zune share our values of community and using the community as a channel for more than just a top 40. To find out more about the Zune go to"

You’re a Zune owner and an electronic music lover? SectionZ may be for you! Download music directly to you Zune with the “download to Zune” button available on the site.

SectionZ is a comprehensive portal for electronic musicians and an ever-evolving online community. SectionZ provides a supportive online forum in which electronica artists can hone their talents through ongoing feedback from peers, enabling them to achieve their musical aspirations. SectionZ Music takes the cream of the crop and provides marketing services to publish the talent.

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