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Zune Pictures

In the wild style images surface, include recently approved Zune 120...with a Zune 16


Some recently surfaced in-the-wild style images, and by that we of course mean slightly blurry images have surfaced online showing off a few new models of the Zune. Of course that recently confirmed 120GB Zune is included, but that comes with little surprise considering that we have recently seen the FCC approval and gotten further confirmation from Cesar Menendez, but perhaps more important is that the images also included a new flash based Zune, which is 16GB.

A release date has still not been mentioned, but we can only hope that both models will become available soon, if nothing else in time for the holiday season. Based on the images it seems that (at least) the 120GB model will be getting a slight makeover with a new black backing. While these images seem authentic enough, we do have to remind you, that at this time they have not been officially confirmed.

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A photo tour inside the Zune Headquarters

Zunelogo_2 Its always fun to see inside the office spaces of the products that we love, and from the looks of these images the Zune Headquarters they have a pretty nice setup. Some cool murals, music styled paintings, fancy DJ equipment, and even what appears to be a break room with a big sofa and flat panel television. One thing it seems you cannot get away from though, are those awful cubicles, but with a break room that looks like that at least you can get away from the cube and relax every so often.

[ via Office Snapshots]













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New Zune Backgrounds from

Zune_backgrounds Backgrounds are always popular with portable devices like the Zune, and Microsoft knows that. With the release of the new website, 60 really nice Zune backgrounds have been published and are just waiting for you to download them.

Some of them are an heritage from the Zune 30 era, but most of them are brand new and will fit your new Zune 8 and Zune 80 perfectly.

Enjoy them and make it you!

Thanks to our tipster.

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New Zune Kiosk Found at Target


These are some photos of what the new Zune kiosk will look like for Target stores. It looks pretty good, the only downside is that the Zune models aren't actual Zunes, just models for them. It would have been cooler if they had the kiosks out with the new Zunes out and working so that you can play around with them.

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Blue Zune Spotted at Target


Hey guys, the picture above comes from Target weekly ads. They’re announcing the red Zune and what looks like a blue Zune! Is it really a new Zune color? A new color for fall maybe?

Let's not get too excited here though. This may  just be a Photoshop manipulation. Will try to get more info on this.

The same ad was published on paper. Check the picture after the break.

[Thank you Jacob!]

UPDATE: Even though the image was really blue, Microsoft is not going to release a blue Zune. The ZuneInsider (sorta) denied the existence of a blue Zune on his blog by writing: "I've seen a good amount of speculation about a blue Zune - with lots of folks taking it with a grain of salt. That's a good call."

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Limited Edition "Halo 3 - Zune"


At a Halo 3 preview event in NYC, Microsoft announced a limited edition "Halo 3 – Zune" due out in mid-June. Look sweet! Isn't it?

Pretty soon we will have a hard time keeping track of all the limited editions of the Zune released by Microsoft in a year. It seems to be an important marketing strategy for the Zune. We do like it though!


Just after releasing the three initial colors in November of last year, Microsoft released 100 pink Zunes and 100 orange Zunes. The buzz created by those limited editions of the Zune gave them some ideas (a pink Zune was sold more than $900 on ebay!!!). Last month a light pink Zune (100 000 units) was released and a limited edition Adult Swim Zune was also released a few weeks ago.

We are still waiting for a watermelon red Zune and now there's the Halo 3 – Zune!

More pictures after the break!

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CES 2007: Relax at the Zune Lounge


Here are a few pictures I took from the Zune Lounge in the Las Vegas Convention Center last week. The lounge was always packed with people just relaxing and enjoying the cozy environment the Zune provided in the ultra-mega-huge electronic jungle that was the CES 2007.

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Disney Speakers for Your Zune


If you like Disney’s characters, you may be interested in those speakers just released by Runat. The speakers can be powered by a USB port or a power adapter.
Specifications: size: 220x230x160mm,weight: 400g, power: 2x2W.

More pictures after the jump.

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Zune review: The Zune is Bigger!


These pictures are from Flickr and they show the Zune stacked agains the Zen Vision:M, iPod 5G, iPod nano and the Sansa E200 series.

Yep, the Zune is taller and ticker than most of the other players...but the Zune also heavier than most players as well.

We knew that already from the iPod vs. Zune chart, but Engadget assures us that the device is still quite pocketable! We will have to wait and see what real users are thinking about the size weight of the Zune…

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Zune Accessories: Tough Case from Speck


Here is a sneak peek at a new Zune "Tough" Case from Speck. I'm sure I can drop my Zune from the 3rd floor with that kind of case!

Speck was founded in 2001 and has become a dominant market leader in the iPod, cell phone, satellite radio and electronic accessory category. The company currently sells 100 different accessories. The are coming out with a new line of products for the Zune. Other Zune accessories that are going to be available from this manufacturer are a "black sport canvas case" made of real canvas with rubber edging and a Zune "Spirited Leather Executive" case. Thanks to Bill, the Zune accessories' specialist, for the image.

Click to read other information on Zune accessories.

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