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Kindle app finally makes its way to Windows Phone 7 devices

Posted by Chris Smith

Amazon_kindle It's almost as if your device isn't real until you get a Kindle application on it. And if you believe that, then it looks like today Windows Phone 7 devices just became real as the MarketPlace now sports the Kindle app for reading e-books. As of now, the Kindle app for WP7 is the first e-reading app on the device, and what a good one it is with over 775,000 titles to choose from.

To be honest, this story is more about Amazon and how they are dominating the e-book market right now by making their reader and books available on any device. Not only that, but reading Kindle books from device to device is really as easy as it gets with the Kindle's Whisper Sync technology allowing you to pick up right where you left off on any device. In fact, I have personally switched solely to buying books through the Kindle store because of the crossplatform goodness. I'm glad that Windows Phone 7 is on the list now so when a device hits Verizon I don't have a choice other that to purchase one.

So, if you are a reader and have a WP7 device, head on over the MarketPlace and pick up the free Kindle app.

Via [eWeek]

Windows Phone 7 devices sending massive "chunks of data" over 3G for no apparent reason

WP7 Count this one in the strange category and WP7 bug backlog. It appears that there may be a little bug in Windows Phone 7 that is sending out random "chunks of data" over AT&T 3G even when the device was hooked to a WiFi connection. There is no indication of what device this problem is affecting, yet it seems to be a Windows Phone 7 issue as a whole.

The user that this affected received a notice from AT&T saying that his 2GB cap had almost been hit, even though the user barely used any 3G access, or so he thought. It appears that his device was sending out around 30 to 40 MB of data each day at specific times and even once when taken off  of airplane mode sent a whopping 400MB! Needless to say the user isn't happy about the situation and contacted Windows and Microsoft Guru, Paul Thurrott to find out what he knew.

It appears that Mr. Thurrott has had the same issue and acknowledges that it is a problem for many users on his Windows Phone Secrets blog. Apparently the 3G is still being active even when WiFi is on and at this point there is no rhyme or reason to what the device is sending. Thurrott thinks it may have something to do with the Marketplace, yet he isn't too sure.

So, AT&T Windows Phone 7 users, watch out! Make sure that you aren't a victim of this bug as it could cost you a lot in overages. And by the way, in true Microsoft fashion, there has yet to be an official statement of what the heck is going on here and what they plan to do to fix it.

Via [PhoneDog] Source [WinSuperSite]

Major Windows Phone 7 update 'Mango' may deliver HTML 5 support and more

Mango We have heard that Windows Phone 7 is to get some small, iterative updates in the beginning of 2011 including copy and paste support as well as better, more streamlined developer tools. According to Mary Jo Foley over at ZDNet, someone who happens to be a very trusted Microsoft source, says that a larger update codenamed 'Mango' will bring a whole slew of tweaks and features, possibly including HTML 5 support.

Foley isn't dismissing the small updates in the earlier part of 2011, she is saying that a larger, Mango update may happen halfway through the year. This update may even be a different software version, Windows Phone 7.5, as it will bring a bunch of functionality including the Silverlight runtime, Far Eastern language support and possibly more Exchange Active Sync features. 

Foley also has a feeling that the first and second "smaller" updates may be combined together for one update in January/February. There has been no confirmation from Microsoft on the validity of this update, as MS is probably working hard to have a nice launch for Verizon and Sprint for their CES presentation. It looks like we will have to wait for anything really groundbreaking or exciting when it comes to Windows Phone 7 until early to mid next year.

Via [ZDNet]

Upcoming Windows Phone 7 update to open up the OS to developers even more

Windows-phone-7-logo We have to admit, there haven't been too many early signs of success when it comes to Windows Phone 7. With the lackluster US launch on November 8th to the debacle of developer's apps being unprotected, Microsoft has set themselves up for an even larger up hill battle than they already had coming into the "superphone" market this late in the game.

According to the Register and other outlets, a second WP7 update may be hitting consumers in February after the initial addition to copy and paste functionality. This update will bring better controls for applications to developers as well as giving them greater support for "multitasking" in their applications. This would then make the WP7 OS on par with Android and iOS, allowing Microsoft to concentrate more on building their app store and making finer adjustments to the OS.

Microsoft really needs to get WP7 in tip-top shape in a hurry as there have been reports that if Windows Phone 7 doesn't perform, Microsoft will "pull the plug" on the fledgling OS. It seems drastic, especially as Microsoft could keep a product that is potentially losing money to stay current at least make some sort of mobile offering.

We haven't heard any sales figures for Windows Phone 7 so far and this may be an indication of poor sales and consumer adoption. It really kind of sucks. WP7 is a really good OS, but instead of being fashionably late to the party, they showed up after everyone was drunk and passed out. Hopefully they can wake everyone up and join them for a second round.

Via [The Register]

Copy and Paste functionality makes its way to WP7 developers

Microsoft may be releasing the anticipated copy and paste feature to Windows Phone 7 devices very soon as some WP7 developers are reporting that the functionality is included with an updated version of the WP7 SDK. This could mean that the addition of copy and paste could be very close at hand. 

We knew that Microsoft would be announcing and then releasing an update to their Windows Phone 7 platform sometime late this year or early next year. It appears that copy and paste, a feature that should have been included with the initial build, has made its way to developer phones which possibly means that the anticipated WP7 update is soon upon us.

According to several sources, WP7 copy and past works as it does on the iPhone, which in my opinion is the way to go. It provides system wide copy and paste (Android, please learn for this) and is said to be relatively easy to use. 

As of now, the developers are reporting that the update may only affect the Samsung Focus at this point, but since of Microsoft's tightness on keeping WP7 pure for all devices, expect to see the feature set rolled out to other developer devices soon.

Via [UberGizmo]

Microsoft orders to have first Windows Phone 7 jailbrook tool pulled

This isn't too surprising, now is it? Last week we got to see the a new tool released for "jailbreaking" Windows Phone 7 devices as well as allowing the devices to have apps side-loaded. Today Microsoft contacted the developer of the ChevronWP7 tool and asked them to take the tool down.

The creators Rafael Rivera, Long Zheng and Chris Walsh were contacted by Microsoft and since then they have decided to take down the tool "effective immediately". Microsoft has said recently that tools of this nature allow for the WP7 operating system to become unstable and that all sorts of unwanted things could happen. But, as ZDNet points out and most of us can conclude, Microsoft can't have their new baby OS have the ability to pirate applications, especially this early in its lifecycle.

One of the big things about Windows Mobile was that it was a "hackers" platform because of it's ease of unlocking. Because of that many users pirated and shared applications. Windows Phone 7 is built with the model of the iPhone and the Android Market allowing users to pay for and download apps. These apps are protected, and if most users could find an easy, free way to get these apps, they will do it.

Personally, I have learned over the years that supporting developers is something that gives me satisfaction; I don't mind purchasing apps from small developers, especially when they are only a couple of bucks. But many people go to some pretty extreme lengths to wave the $0.99 fee of an app they really want and choose to pirate instead. If WP7 can be easily jailbroken, it's only a matter of time before users opt to go with pirating apps than buying them legitimately.

By the way, if you think that this is the last jailbreak tool for the WP7 platform that we will see, think again. There is a market out there for these types of things, and knowing that, they market will eventually be filled. Also, this application was a freely distributable .EXE. Microsoft can't stop it from being up for download everywhere on the net.

Rumor: New functionality to hit Windows Phone 7 in Janurary

Windowsphone_logo Windows Phone 7 has had a bit of a rocky start over this holiday season, but according to several "leaks" on Twitter, the upcoming update for WP7 will add some very important features that were lacking in the initial build.

According to WPCentral, WP7 will get the following features with the update:

  • Bing turn-by-turn directions, improvements
  • Custom ringer support
  • Copy/Paste
  • Multi-tasking (of some form)

 According to @ChrisWalshie (a .NET and Windows Phone 7 developer) Microsoft has done in three months with Windows Phone 7 "what Apple did in 3 years". It looks like Mr. Walshie may have seen the leak of the new update and just couldn't hold his excitement.

It's good that M$ is concentrating on making the WP7 platform powerful and full-features as well as giving users fast updates. Hopefully as more and more functionality roles out for WP7, carriers and device manufacturers don't cripple or delay the additions which has been a point of contention for Android devices.

By the way, Mr. Walshie is also saying that we will reveal some screenshots of the update later today, so if you want to see them keep an eye out at his Twitter feed.

Via [WPCentral] Source [Twitter]

Windows Phone 7 BOGO at AT&T this holiday season

ATT-Holiday We know that you are a tad upset that you won't be able to get a new Windows Phone 7 device on Verizon during the holidays (so am I), but if you are thinking about taking the plunge on AT&T, the holidays will be your chance. Especially if you want to get one for you and your significant other, family member, or friend.

AT&T has made it known that they are offering a buy-one-get-one free deal on any of their current Windows Phone 7 phones. This includes the Samsung Focus, HTC Surround, or the LG Quantum. Of course you will have to pony up the $199.99 for the first phone, sign a two-year contract, and sign up for a data plan on both lines, but all of that is pretty normal now-a-days.

ZDNet also points out that with any Windows Phone 7 device AT&T will throw in 30 days of the Zune Pass subscription, a free download of XBox Live game ilomilo, 10 free song downloads, and 30 days of AT&T U-verse. Does AT&T want to sell you some WP7 devices before the end of the year with whatever tactic is necessary. You bet ya.

If you want more info about the deal head on over to Microsoft to check it out.

Via [ZDNet] Sourc [Microsoft]

Windows Phone 7 hacking attempts thwarted, at least for now

One of the "good" things about Windows Mobile was the "hackability" of the OS. Since the OS was somewhat stagnant for the better part of the 2000s, many developers, hackers, and coders got together on forums such as XDA Developers and added functionality to the OS. With the dawn of a brand new mobile operating system from Microsoft, developers are trying to get their hands dirty by modifying WP7 and in those attempts stumbled on a nasty little hiccup.

The developer conflipper made us aware that Windows Phone 7 has a "Genuine Software Checker" that is locked to the device ID of the device's motherboard. Basically, when the OS is modified in anyway, Microsoft has made it so it has to be reactivated when accessing Xbox Live, Marketplace, Windows Live, or Zune on the device. M$ has even gone far enough to make a Private Key (or PVK) to ensure that the OS version is correct for the current hardware. Any change in hardware or software and the device will need to be "serviced" or even replaced.

Although this is a deterrent for Windows Phone 7 hackers out there, there is nothing like a challenge. If history proves itself, Windows Phone 7 will be yet another operating system that is hacked when thought to be "unhackable". We give it a matter of weeks for this OS to be ripped wide open and custom WP7 ROMs to be developed and used.

Via [TechPinger]

Don't believe everything you tweet; no Windows Phone 7 for Verizon in 2010

Verizon If you were waiting for your WP7 device to be made available on Verizon this holiday it looks like you will have to wait a little longer. Don't worry though, good things come to those that wait and according to Verizon and Microsoft, Windows Phone 7 devices will be available on the nation's number one network in early 2011.

A tweet was posted by @windowsphone over the weekend saying that WP7 devices were going to be available during the 2010 holidays at Verizon:

"WP7 devices will be rolling into Verizon stores this holiday season and more will arrive in early 2011."

That tweet caught the attention of several tech sites because up until then everyone had been thinking that WP7 devices wouln't be available until 2011. After a few short hours of confusion and dare I say excitement, @windowsphone posted another tweet, not dismissing the 2010 holiday release, but making it somewhat clear that Windows Phone 7 devices won't be available until early 2011 on Verizon.

And then today, to make things even more clear, a Verizon spokeswoman responded to PCWorld saying that, "The tweet is incorrect...", basically putting the idea of a 2010 release out of our minds for good. It's a crazy, roller-coaster ride of WP7 emotion, but it looks like if you want a WP7 device this Christmas you are going to have to sign up for AT&T or T-Mobile service.

Via [PCWorld]