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CES 2007: MzW210 and MzQ101 for the Zune

Posted by Stephane Dion


We have a bit more information on the wireless shower system we announced on Monday. The speaker uses 2.4Ghz wireless technology and should be interference-free. The specs says 100 feet range but like any of those specs you can divided by at least 2 to get real life experience.

As we mentioned, the speaker is waterproof and designed to be used in wet environments. The speakers should be JI56 compliant and are not recommended to be submerged under water.

A cool feature is you can pair up to four wireless speakers with a base station – at the touch of a button! The speaker should also come with a wireless remote that will operate the Zune and speaker system functions.

Memorexspeakerzune2Future models should also be available. The MzW220, a indoor wireless speaker,  and MxW240, an outdoor waterproof wireless speaker are under development.

I still don’t have any pricing information on the product. And even if the image says June for the availability, don't expect the product to be available before september.

Depending on audio quality, this Zune speaker could be really interesting.

You like it?

Product page


walkwer williams

this rocks i use it every moring it wakes me right up when i turn it on in the shower!


I am utterly confused on why Microsoft feels that the Wi-fi needs to be crippled the base should not have to be used if the Zune has Wi-fi and don't misconstrue this as Zune bashing I LOVE my Zune and hated iPod for the week i had it


where can i buy this?

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