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New Small Zune Speaker System From Eforcity

Posted by Stephane Dion

EforcityspeakerzuneEforcity is presenting the INSTEN made for the iPod but also for the Zune. The unit does not have the “Design for Zune” approval but is certainly the cheapest Zune speaker system on the market. The unit sells for at a retail price of $40 but you can get it via this affiliate link for less than $10. I don’t know what is worth but you can only lose $10!

The device can be battery powered (4 AAA) and comes with a USB cable. The power is only 2W per speaker! Nothing to rock-on a party but could be good for the bedroom.

Available in black and white! Sorry, no brown. I’m beginning to think that we are not going to see a lot of brown zune accessories. Manufacturers are trying to make mp3 accessories that will fit many kinds of players. This could eventually slow down a lot the brown Zune.


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