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Win a Zune-Halo 3

Posted by Stephane Dion


The Zune-Halo 3 special edition is certainly the coolest Zune ever made (for a less than a year old product…). Winning the player makes it even cooler! That is exactly what could happen to you if you participate to the Gamertag Radio Zune giveaway. Enjoy!

To celebrate the release of our 100th episode. We are givingaway a free Halo 3 Zune (thanks Microsoft!) to one of our lucky listeners. All you have to do is give us your honest review about Episode #100. Make sure to download & listen to the show before posting. On next week's show (ep 101) we will be picking a random winner! Good luck! [GamerTag Radio]

via GenerationZune



Sorry, Its not available in Pakistan so can't listen it but if I have that thing in my hand then I will be able to listen future episodes through it.

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