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New Zune Accessory Spotted!

Posted by Steven Smith


Altec Lansing is givng us, Zuners, some speakers to make our Zune Marketplace downloads sound even nicer.  The new iM414 Zune Speaker System is coming soon according to not only their own site but also

Here are some of the features...

  • enhanced audio quality - to simulate surround sound;
  • enchanced bass - the sound of a subwoofer without one
  • easy to carry
  • charges your Zune 30 and comes with multiple adapters to fit the Zune 80, 4, and 8 gb too;
  • full function remote - to control AUX, FM, and the Zune features;
  • input jack for other devices;
  • AC or battery powered - can be powered by batteries for up to 24 hrs;

All those features for only $99.99 but on, it's selling for $94.99.

Here is the link to, it will get you right to the page you need to be at. And here is the link to, it will get you right to the page you need to be at also.



i'm curious how big it is though. If its a large size i can replace my cd player/radio with it because of the volume. if its a small size i can bring it to school when i have to do a music project.



Yeah, but look at Altec's site. This measly 3.2w speaker is selling for an overpriced $100, while last years bulkier refurbished ipod dock with a zune dock is selling for the same price but with 10 times the power! This new dock should only retail at max for 30-50 bucks


ha i got this and its awsome but i only paid $10 for it at meijer!!

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