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Obama Zune Usage Still Unsettled

Posted by Jonas D

Dnczune So, Obama gets spotted with a Zune, the blogosphere jumps all over it, and his administration denies it.  I thought this issue was all settled, and Obama was back to being an iPod sort of guy.  Even this article from today goes along with the theory that the original reporter didn't know what he was looking at, or that the Zune definitely was not Obama's.  Done deal?  Not by a longshot!

Apparently, during the Democratic National Convention, there was a giveaway of the Zune variety.  The Dem faithful not only got to promote their nominee to candidate, but they got some giveaways as well.  In their goody bag was a Zune of all things, loaded up with some exclusive content.  No word if "Happy Days Are Here Again," or "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow" were among the preloaded tracks.  However, the latest theory is that Obama got the Zune, a special edition model no less, from this "un-conventional" source.

Is this now the final word?  Honestly, I don't know.  Every time I think this story is over, some other detail shakes out so stay tuned on this one.  I don't know about you, but getting a free Zune just might make sitting through one of those conventions worthwhile!



Sadly, I think the President-Elect is bound to using Apple products. The party faithful and scores of 'young voters' would become disillusioned if he werent advocating the message that comes with using Apple products. Oh well, more zune for me :D


i was so hopeful for change but its the same thing. he wont go against the grain at all. cant even admit to owning a Zune.


Isn't there something better to waste time with?

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