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Cliczune Archives: October 2009

Kicker's Zune HD compatible ZK350, ZK150 speaker system docks now available for pre-order

6a00d8341c505253ef0120a5b9e987970c-800wi It looks like Zune HD users will soon have another option to consider when looking for an external speaker system. Kicker has just recently made the ZK350 and the ZK150 available for pre-order.

In terms of pricing and availability, both models can be ordered as of now. The ZK350 will set you back $199.99 and is showing a yet to be announced (TBD) shipping date. On the other hand, the ZK150 is selling for $179.99 and is showing a shipping date of "on or before 12/1."


Feature wise, the ZK350 (pictured above) offers a 4.5-inch square subwoofer as well as two 4-inch woofers and two 1/2-inch tweeters. Additionally, the ZK350 offers composite video out, audio out, an aux-input for other MP3 players, 3.5mm headphone jack and ships with a remote control. This model also has an optional accessory (a battery back) that can be used to make it a truly portable system. Otherwise, it uses a standard power outlet for power.


The ZK150 (pictured above) is a little different feature wise and is touting a digital alarm clock -- or more specifically a dual alarm. It also as an internal battery backup, just in case you lose power during the night. Other features include a 5 to 120 minute sleep timer, 3.5mm headphone jack and aux-input for use with other MP3 players. Finally the ZK150 is available in either black or white.

Additionally, both units are compatible with all Zune models.

As for quality, Kicker is wonderful. I reviewed the iK500 (for iPod) speaker system a while back and fell in love with Kicker. That said, the ZK350 and ZK150 do not seem as powerful as the ZK500 (the Zune version of the iK500), but they should still be worthy of consideration.

[via InsideTheCircle]

You can now follow cliczune on Twitter


Some may wonder what took so long, and some may wonder why. Personally I opt for the side of what took us so long, especially due to my love of all things Twitter.

But with that faithful cliczune readers who also share my love of Twitter can now follow along and get your Zune related news.

In short, follow us on Twitter, we are @cliczune

In terms of what you can expect, for the most part it will be a direct coverage of our regular posts, but I will try from time to time to offer some special goodies for those following on Twitter.

Zune deal: offering a 4GB pink Zune for $78.99 with free accessories included

211199962 Personally I am not in the market for another flash based Zune, but if I were this latest offer from would be worth considering. Well, worth considering if you were looking for a great deal on a pink 4GB Zune.

The offer is simple, pay $78.99 and get a 4GB Zune (in pink) along with a Zune Car Pack and a set of Zune Premium Headphones.

Looks pretty nice, and the holiday season is quickly approaching, this could be a nice way to make a Zune user happy, and also get a head start on the holiday rush.

[ via Got Zune]

Ballmer confirms: Windows Mobile 7 will include Zune integration


It looks like Windows Mobile users will eventually be seeing Zune integration. Of course, if you ask me this seems like something that should have been rolled out a long time ago, but hey, they always say better late than never. But lets just hope that late comes before Windows Mobile users that want this decide to move on to another mobile operating system.

Anyway, Engadget recently had a nice 40 minute sit down with Steve Ballmer for a taping of The Engadget Show. During which, Ballmer confirmed that the Zune will come to Windows Mobile -- in version 7.

Short and sweet, according to Engadget;
"while for Zune he says Windows Mobile is going to get integration in the next release"

Personally, I am not as convinced about the need, after all device convergence is not always the best option, which is why I use an iPhone and still feel the need to carry my Zune HD.

[via Engadget]

One daring Zune user puts the Zune HD display to the test

Lets just file this under the "neat, but I am glad it was not me that was trying it' category. That said, the display on the Zune HD seems to hold up pretty well under the scratch test. If nothing else I guess I can now worry just a little less about accidentally scratching mine.

[via DAP Review]

Microsoft offers up three new Zune themes for Windows 7


The news is short, sweet and just like the title of the post implies -- Microsoft has released a bunch of new themes for Windows 7, of which three are Zune related.

Now, Windows 7 users who may also happen to be fans of the Zune can choose from the new themes which include Zune Characters, Zune Elements and Zune Zodiac. Personally, I just installed the Zune Elements and plan to sport that for a while. But just in case that is not your thing, there are also a bunch of other non-Zune related themes available.

For those interested, you can find all the Zune themes, among others over on the Microsoft website.

[via Twitter @harlemS]

More details about the Zune trade-in program

6a00d8341c505253ef0120a5401c0f970b-800wi I remember a while back when the discussion of a Zune trade-in program came up, but unfortunately nothing ever really seemed to be made public about what users could expect in terms of actually being able to take advantage of something like that. Given that, I started doing some research and came across a recent post over at Inside the Circle were it was noted that;

"Yesterday, after calling in to assess all options available to repair my brother's Zune, it appears the program exists. I call it a Zune Allowance Rebate System (Zunes for Zuners maybe?), they called it a trade-in option. Offered through Zune Phone Support (1-877-438-9863) the program allows you to trade-in your current Zune for a different capacity Zune device, at a discounted price."

Sounds good, at least the program seems to be official. In terms of what you are saving, based on a chart from from the same blog it looks like you could save in the ball park of between $30 and $50 depending on the model that you trade-in.

[via Inside the Circle]

Waterfield Designs release the Suede Jacket slipcase for the Zune HD


In a little change from the higher priced Vaja case that I mentioned a little while back, we now have a much simpler and much cheaper option available. This latest Zune HD case comes by way of Waterfield Designs and is available in two options.

The case, which is called the Zune HD Suede Jacket is available for $9, or you spend a few bucks more and get that same case with a pocket for $13.

Here is the official description;
"This Ultrasuede® slipcase prevents scratches on your Zune HD, and the elasticity of the pocket keeps it flat when empty and stretchy enough to hold your earbuds safely. Low profile slides easily into your shirt or jeans pocket. Perfect fit for your Zune HD. Available with or without the new pocket."

Anyway, I think I found my case, its simple and inexpensive. Plus in the past I had a Waterfield Designs slipcase for one of my netbooks and the quality was great.

Product [Waterfield Designs]


An old Zune 80 gets hacked, now sports a 32GB SSD


In a nice little change from the Zune HD related news.

What do you do when your current iriver H300 MP3 player croaks and you do not want to spend any serious money on a replacement? Well, if you are one enterprising user, you scan eBay looking for a Zune 80 that has died and you purchase that along with a 1.8-inch 32GB SSD and put them together.

According to the details, Andrew was able to purchase a "well cared for" Zune 80 that has an "error 5" issue (dead hard drive) for $50. He also grabbed that 32GB SSD for around $75.

Or more specifically he paid;

"$49.99 for the Zune + $4 to ship the Zune + $75.58 for the drive = a grand total of $129.57."

Sure, this may not be as shiny or fancy as the new Zune HD with its OLED display, but he also paid just shy of $130, which means he not only saved a bunch of money in that respect, but also had the fun of taking something apart and rebuilding it.
If you are looking for more of the juicy details about how he made this all work, head on over for the full story.

[Andrew Price via anythingbutipod]

Paul Thurrott's Zune HD hardware and software review posted

Zune_hd_bigpicture_promo Paul Thurrott of SuperSite for Windows has recently posted part 5 of his long and thorough Zune HD review. I will warn you up front, this is probably the longest review that I have ever read, but at the same time it is also close to the best review that I have ever read. In other words, if you are curious about the Zune HD read on.

The review began on the Zune HD release day with an intro, then went on to cover the Zune 4.0 software, the Zune HD hardware, the online services and concluded over the weekend with "the big picture."

Anyway, without giving much away in terms of his final thoughts and offering a tease, I will say that it seems that the Zune HD was liked, but still found to not be perfect.

Anyway, without further adieu, here is the links to the review.

[Zune HD Review Part 5: The Big Picture] and [The rest of the Zune HD coverage]