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Cliczune Archives: January 2011

Kindle app finally makes its way to Windows Phone 7 devices

Amazon_kindle It's almost as if your device isn't real until you get a Kindle application on it. And if you believe that, then it looks like today Windows Phone 7 devices just became real as the MarketPlace now sports the Kindle app for reading e-books. As of now, the Kindle app for WP7 is the first e-reading app on the device, and what a good one it is with over 775,000 titles to choose from.

To be honest, this story is more about Amazon and how they are dominating the e-book market right now by making their reader and books available on any device. Not only that, but reading Kindle books from device to device is really as easy as it gets with the Kindle's Whisper Sync technology allowing you to pick up right where you left off on any device. In fact, I have personally switched solely to buying books through the Kindle store because of the crossplatform goodness. I'm glad that Windows Phone 7 is on the list now so when a device hits Verizon I don't have a choice other that to purchase one.

So, if you are a reader and have a WP7 device, head on over the MarketPlace and pick up the free Kindle app.

Via [eWeek]

Windows Phone 7 devices sending massive "chunks of data" over 3G for no apparent reason

WP7 Count this one in the strange category and WP7 bug backlog. It appears that there may be a little bug in Windows Phone 7 that is sending out random "chunks of data" over AT&T 3G even when the device was hooked to a WiFi connection. There is no indication of what device this problem is affecting, yet it seems to be a Windows Phone 7 issue as a whole.

The user that this affected received a notice from AT&T saying that his 2GB cap had almost been hit, even though the user barely used any 3G access, or so he thought. It appears that his device was sending out around 30 to 40 MB of data each day at specific times and even once when taken off  of airplane mode sent a whopping 400MB! Needless to say the user isn't happy about the situation and contacted Windows and Microsoft Guru, Paul Thurrott to find out what he knew.

It appears that Mr. Thurrott has had the same issue and acknowledges that it is a problem for many users on his Windows Phone Secrets blog. Apparently the 3G is still being active even when WiFi is on and at this point there is no rhyme or reason to what the device is sending. Thurrott thinks it may have something to do with the Marketplace, yet he isn't too sure.

So, AT&T Windows Phone 7 users, watch out! Make sure that you aren't a victim of this bug as it could cost you a lot in overages. And by the way, in true Microsoft fashion, there has yet to be an official statement of what the heck is going on here and what they plan to do to fix it.

Via [PhoneDog] Source [WinSuperSite]