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Archos Releasing a Zune Killer?


Archos is releasing the 604 Wi-fi media player this week. Is this going to be a Zune Killer? I’m not to sure about that but the device offers a viable alternative to web surfing or exchanging data over the Internet.

The device is equipped with a 4.5-inch 450 x 272 touchscreen, Windows file sharing, and a version of the Opera browser, the Archos can record up to 30 GB from any home entertainment source and holds up to 130 hours of TV, 85 movies, 15,000 tunes, or 300,000 photos. Archos brings to the user what we were expecting from the Wi-fi feature of the Zune. We know now that the first version of the Zune won’t be able to connect to the internet directly. We all know that this feature would have been a real Zune killer but it may be available tu Zune user in the future.

We still have see if the 604 will deliver a real wireless internet experience or not. The weight and size of the multimedia player may also be a show stopper for people looking primilary for a music player. The 604 is available now for $349.99. Read

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