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Limited Edition Zune

Red Zune Returns

Tacked on to yet another story about Microsoft not abandoning the Zune, and continuing the platform was a nugget of real Zune news.  Once again this year, they will be offering a red Zune for the Valentine's Day crowd, in the 120 gig flavor.  The limited edition Zune will be offered through the Zune Originals Store, and offer custom laser engraving starting today through (not surprisingly) February 14th.  Sounds like it's better to receive than give?  Start dropping the hints how electronics last way longer than flowers after the holiday is over!

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Warriors in Pink offer limited edition Zune to support Susan G. Komen for the Cure


Warriors in Pink have just begun offering a customized pink Zune. The limited edition Zune is a 4GB flash model with a pink front and the Warriors in Pink logo on the back side. The one drawback is that the Zune is retailing for $175, but what you get, aside from a nice pink Zune is the feeling of doing something good because the proceeds go towards the Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

[Warriors in Pink]

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Special edition Gears Of War 2 Zune 120 now available for pre-order


Microsoft has announced a new special edition Gears of War 2 Zune 120. The latest model will feature a laser-etched Crimson Omen on the back, as well as come in a special edition package and will also be pre-loaded with more than 240 "pieces" of Gears of War 2 media. The pre-loaded media will not be anything exclusive, but will include behind the scenes videos, game soundtrack, game trailers and concept art galleries.

The Gears of War 2 Zune will be available in the US and Canada and will retail for $279.99. Pre-orders begin today and the Zune can be found at Walmart and Amazon in the US and Amazon, Best Buy, Future Shop and The Source in Canada. Actual shipping will begin on November 7.

[Zune Insider]

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Microsoft gets political, unveil special edition Republican and Democrat themed Zunes

Zunelogo_2 Microsoft has offered up some political themed Zunes for both the Republican and the Democratic National Conventions. Based on the images these appear to be only available in the 4GB model, and each feature a unique design on the back, as well as unique packaging.

The Zune for the Republican National Convention is red, while the model for the Democratic National Convention is an olive green. Both models feature packaging the reads;

"At Microsoft, we are committed to software and technology innovations that help people and organizations around the world improve their environment. Our goal is to reduce the impact of our operations and products, and to be a leader in environmental responsibility."

While I am personally a Zune user and a Zune fan, I do find it a little strange that they are handing out a product that the recipients may or may not even want and are stating how they want to "reduce the impact of our operations and products." We can only hope that if they are truly living up to that statement that these will be given to those that wanted one and not just tossed at everyone.




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Joy Division limited edition Zune unboxings

Zune_jd_screen Well, given the fact I love Joy Division, I would love to get my hands on one of these, especially after seeing the pictures. I however cannot justify the extra cost, mostly because I recently upgraded to a red Zune 80 and truly have no need for another 80GB Zune, even if it does look really cool.

I am not sure if this comes as any measure of success, but I have been keeping an eye out for unboxings and images and so far have seen very few. In fact I have come across just two, one of which comes from a zunerama forum member who managed to get number 39 out of 500 and the other from Peter Rojas of Engadget/RCRDLBL fame who happens to be even luckier and scored himself a protoype. The player is also (as of this posting) still available for purchase.

From the description that was given by the zunerama forum member "RL" it sounds like a very nice looking device and a worthy unboxing experience.

"I got the box this afternoon from Fed-Ex.   Solid Black.  Opened it up.  Solid black.  Unwrapped the black paper from the interior box.  Solid Black with the Unknown Pleasures Graphics engraved into the cardboard.  Opened what appeared to be a 2 inch thick, LP Sized box and found another padding area with the same design engraved into the polyfoam.  Lifted it up and there it was.  A leather case with the same engravings.  A black 80gb Zune.  It was solid black, almost reminicent of the 30gb, lighter with a sticker on the glass warning of unsuitable content for minors.  To the side were the obligatory usb cable and premium headphones.  Etched into it's polyfoam cradle was a single signature, Peter Saville.  I hesitantly warmed it up.  The Zune start screen began, and then the background, the background that was etched into every single part of the package.  I am charging it now as we speak."

Here are a few images of the limited edition Zune, and the links below will also take you to both unboxings to check out the rest of the images. If anyone comes across any more feel free to leave a comment below.



[zunerama] [engadget]

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Joy Division limited edition Zune still available


While the latest limited edition Zune to become available officially went on sale a few days back on June 17, it seems there are still some available. As we previously mentioned the edition will be limited to a run of 500, each being individually numbered and also coming pre-loaded with the Joy Division Documentary movie.

I honestly did not think it would take all that long to sell out, and am a little surprised to see it still available today. However after some though my concern is that depending on when you began listening to music, and for those who are younger, you may not be all that familiar with just who the Joy Division is.

However, with that said, even as a Joy Division fan, I still find the $399 price tag a little high for my taste, but that black back sure does look sweet with the JD graphic included. While they seem to be going slow, they are only available until they sell 500, so if you are interested you may not want to wait much longer, as far as we know they could already be up to number 499.

Also, in an effort (I would imagine) to cut down on people from buying multiple units to create a demand and then resell them "you are only allowed 1 Joy Division Zune per order"    

[Zune Originals]

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Joy Division themed Limited Edition Zune unveiled


The Joy Division themed Zune has officially made its appearance. The limited edition Zune is being released to mark the DVD release of a documentary about the life of Joy Division, the limited edition model will come in the form of a black Zune 80. Feature-wise it will be your standard 80GB Zune, however it will have the Joy Division movie pre-loaded along with the artwork from the Unknown Pleasures album featured on the back.

The Joy Division themed Zune will be available only through Zune Originals and sell for $399 beginning on June 17. It will also be limited to just 500 units, so if you are into Joy Division, then you may want to grab one on the day of release.


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Zune Special Edition: Reebok and Allen Iverson


Everyone knows that the Zune is running like hell behind the iPod and tries hard to still a market share from Apple’s famous mp3 player. But the Zune team brings this race a step further and has teamed up with Reebok to create a special edition of the Zune 8.

The new snicker-Zune package is in fact an Allen Iverson limited edition shoe combine with a black Zune 8.

”The sneakers will be sold with a customized Zune 8g black digital media player, featuring etched AI graphics on the back that is loaded with special AI content including his Reebok commercials, playlists and interview footage of other Reebok athletes talking about the first time they played against AI in the league. The sneakers and Zune media player will also come in special packaging.” Crave

The package will be available in June for a retail price of $300. The special Iverson shoe + Zune 8 package won’t be easy find as it will be available at only five retailers nationwide: Complex/Training Day Store (NYC), Major Commonwealth (DC), Commonwealth (VA), Wish (ATL), and The 400 (Denver). Even worst, each store will receive only twelve packages…We’re talking about a “very” limited edition here!

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Red Zune 80GB is Now Available as "Not Limited-Edition"!


Well, it looks like the demand for the red Zune 80GB has risen high enough for Microsoft to include it in the normal product line. Was this in preparation for the Canadian launch? Maybe. Maybe it just sold enough for them to start selling it again. I'm glad they're doing this though, the more choices, the better.

Hopefully they will start making the new Zunes in white, that would look nice, but they might be holding that off for the 3rd gen Zunes. What other colors do you think they should start selling on Zune originals?

If you've been holding off on the 80GB because it only comes in black, maybe it's time to buy one!


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Kenna Gets His Own Zune...Who?

KennaMicrosoft apparently teamed with music artist Kenna (?) over Valentine's Day to make available for a contest 200 limited edition Zunes. These black Zunes, of the 4GB variety, featured an original piece of art designed by Kenna and Jeff McMillan called "The Translator."

Kenna said on his Web site the players were numbered and loaded with a music video and his full album "Make Sure They See My Face." The Zunes were given away as part of an "Anti-Valentine's Day" promotion on select radio stations across the country. Microsoft and Kenna plan to do more "initiatives" in the coming months, which we assume means more Zunes. If not, we suppose you can probably pick one up at some point on ebay.

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