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Microsoft Surface

Zune Surface concept


Already thinking of the new generation zune? Zune Philippines came up with Zune Surface. It's the a touchscreen device that integrates the features of the famous Microsoft Surface with it's multi-touch technology and unique interconnection with other devices. Various new features are also conceptualized to challenge the dominant touchscreen PMP device. The Zune Surface packs a camera with auto-focus and flash, games that utilize the powerful processor, as well as internet browsing and instant messaging.

With the gloomy economy and failing profits, Microsoft should produce a Zune touch-screen line that provides more features and restores that needed inspiration and enthusiasm on the Zune brand.

We all hope to get this one when and if it comes true, by that time, 256GB SSD shouldn't be that expensive anymore. :)

Zune Surface Wallpapers

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Surface Computing And The Zune: Live in NYC


Microsoft’ Surface Computing table made its first public appearance last Saturday at the Sheraton, downtown New-York City. Since I was in the area, I dropped by to touch the screen by myself.

Wow! The screen is simply awesome! Moving objects like pictures and album arts with your fingers is very intuitive. Even though I used the screen for the first time, understanding how it works was very easy. Even computer neophytes were able to use the screen with almost no instruction. The gesture recognition also works very well.

After only a few minutes, it becomes obvious that this technology will change the way we interact with machines. In ten years from now, interfaces used today will be part of a bygone era.

I was curious to know more about the interactivity with devices like cell phones, cams and music players like the Zune. In the official demo released by Microsoft, we see a Zune on the table being immediately recognized by the Surface software. But in a real life demo, I found out that this version of Microsoft Surface is nothing more than a prototype. Stickers with unique patterns have been applied on the back of the devices, and this is what is being recognized by the Surface computer. No real communication between the Zune and the table is possible for the moment.  The same thing applied to cell phones and credit cards you see in the demos.

The technology will be available to commercial applications for a few years. According to the Microsoft representative on place, we should see consumer products using the technology in a three to five year timeframe. That gives the Zune team plenty of time to find a way to communicate with the Surface computer.

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Surface will Sync with your Zune


The demo presented by Microsoft shows how you will be able to create interaction between the Zune and your “Surface table monitor”. Just by leaving the Zune on the “Surface table monitor”, it will automatically be recognized by the Surface technology. You will then be able to use the content in your Zune, add, remove or even exchange content from another Zune on the table. And that, just by dragging and moving the content with your fingers.

Other devices like digital cameras and Windows Mobile phones will also communicate with Microsoft Surface technology.

Sounds interesting? It does, but don’t expect to see that anytime soon. Surface table monitor won’t be available for residential use anytime soon.

New Wi-fi scenarios in a 1.4 Zune firmware upgrade would be just fine for now!

Look at an interesting video from popularmechanics after the jump.

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