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Zune 30 Owners: Will you Buy a New Zune?

How do you know if a company is in a business for the long haul or not? Well, when you make sure that your old product stays up to date at the same time has you release a new product line; it’s a good indication that investment is not a problem and you’re in the market for good.

Apple reached the 100 million+ iPods sold by releasing new products every year and making sure that the previous iPod version was completely outdated. They might have sold more than 100 million iPods, but their customer base is much smaller than that number, because a lot of folks are simply buying the new model year after year.

As early adopters of the Zune, we appreciate that our Zune 30 will be upgraded with most of the benefits of the Zune 80, 4 and 8. But will it stop a lot of Zune owners from buying a brand new Zune? Certainly not me! I’m dying for the thinner Zune, the Zune Pad and the 640x480 TV out. But you, Zune 30 owners? What are you going to do? Are you going to buy a new Zune 80? Cast your vote now or enter your comment!


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